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Parisians reap the benefits of saying "non" to water privateers PDF Print E-mail

Twelve months after Paris wrested control of its water supplies from the private sector, the city council has announced that it intends to reduce the price of water by up to 10% in the next few months, whilst Australian consumers are hit with ever-higher charges as a direct result of the increasing privatisation of our water supplies.

In December 2009, the city council of Paris opted not to renew water supply contracts with water privateers, Veolia and Suez Environnement, due to continuing concerns about overpricing and corporate misbehaviour. The exact extent of the reduction in water tariff cut will be announced in March, following completion of a report on the financial status of the municipal authority, Eau de Paris.

Since 2009, Eau de Paris has reported a yearly operating surplus of about €40 million from water services, on a turnover of €230 million, confirming the rampant profiteering of private water consortia.

Meanwhile most South Australian water consumers face 20% increases in their water bills every year for the foreseeable future as a result of privatisation of their water supply.

Australian governments seem welded to the private model and continue to resist increasing pressure to provide their electorates with an opportunity to indicate their preference at the ballot box.

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